Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10 SEO Tips for Photos in Your Website

Photos can make your website more humanized, professional, and engaging.

Photos are extremely important visual content for your website. A website without photographic documentation of what the products, store, owner, etc. look like will suffer from reduced credibility. Effective use of photos can really make a company stand out. 

But many of your competitors will probably have done a lousy job with photos on their website, if they even have any.

As a photographer, I pay a lot of attention to the images used online. (The photo above is today's sunset over Big Hollow Plaza.)

Here are some how to tips for more effective use of photos on your website.

10 SEO Photo Tips:

(1) Avoid stock photos unless you absolutely must have strict confidentiality regarding your customers or employees. Use current photos of happy customers, staff, managers, owner, CEO. 

Customers are typically happy to let you take their photo and use it on your website, but get their permission and explain what the purpose of the photo is.

(2) Use photographs to generate good will, get people to like you, and show products and facility.

(3) Show products in the act of solving a problem, enhancing a lifestyle, or meeting a need. Also show close ups of important but easily overlooked features. If appropriate, show the product from different angles, in different colors, etc.

(4) Use photos of satisfied customers along with a testimonial for added impact.

(5) Include keyword-rich captions under the photos that explain what, where, who, why, when, or product benefits, specs, etc.

(6) If you have a bricks and mortar store or facility, show it, along with address and directions, so customers can more readily find it.

(7) Include photos of CEO and employees at civic functions, charity events, conferences, office parties, and presentations. Convey a sense of community involvement to make people like and trust you.

(8) Provide a keyword-rich title for each photo.

(9) Provide a keyword-rich img alt attribute for each photo file.

(10) Use photos to break up text content, for greater readability and ease of skimming and scanning.

PHOTO: Hawk Over Big Hollow.
Oct. 27, 2014

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