Tuesday, November 4, 2014

12 Tips on Self Promotion at Tech Conferences

My latest article at The Peorian: "Advice for the Conference Attendee"


Having recently attended a tech conference dealing with cyber security, data storage, and other IT issues, I thought about some of the things I typically do at these events. I decided to prepare a list of things that can make your attendance more productive.

These tips are designed especially for job seekers, career ladder climbers, and consultants wanting more clients.

(1) Sit up front. This makes it better when Q&A time comes along. Or sit way in the back, even stand in the back, so you can bop around taking photos and getting more coffee without disturbing anybody.

(2) Have plenty of business cards, with your LinkedIn, blog, or website url, to exchange with presenters or attendees. Obtain business cards from others and send them relevant news stories, articles praising their company, your own advice, etc., as appropriate. Nobody does this kind of follow-up. Don't pester or act needy. Just keep presenting yourself as someone with expertise, authentically and honestly. It's easy to impress when most people are not self-promotional.

(3) Bop around taking photos of audience and speaker, from a variety of angles, with a fancy camera (never a cell phone camera) and people may think you're with the local media. Explain "I'm a citizen journalist. These photos will be on Facebook and GooglePlus."

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