Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Win with Customer Oriented Content

Wall Street executives call it "getting dirty," but marketing people call it "getting smart" -- contact with customers.

You can gain incredible competitive advantage by learning more about your customers. This is one marketing secret you don't have to keep secret.

Your competitors won't care enough about customers to implement this strategy.

So this is really a quick and relatively easy procedure that pays off big. You can talk to people who visit your store and the ones who visit your website, blog, and Facebook page.

Quit selling products. Start selling solutions. Solutions based on an exclusive, hard to come by expertise.

You position your company as Top of Mind Choice when a need arises by using user-centric content dominance.

When a customer does an internet search on any phrase or word related to your business (or customer problems solved by your product), your website appears high on the first page of Google results. That's the goal.

You gain this marketing superiority by proving, via content, that you are the Go To person or company, the one with all the answers and products and user guidance for perfect, affordable solutions.

That means grinding out unique, original, frequent content. In FAQ format per Google Hummingbird semantic search requirements.

Content that meets customer needs, websites that answer questions, Facebook updates that share your expertise, and blogs that provide expert opinions on timely issues related to your industry.

PHOTO: Art from Van Loon's Lives.

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