Tuesday, March 24, 2015

News page: your secret marketing weapon

Use your website News page to deliver fresh content to search engines and customers. 

News page content updating helps your branding -- and search engine results page (SERP) ranking. 

Google is increasingly fanatic about fresh, frequent, original content. 

4 major ways to update content:

(1) Website News page.

(2) Blog (embedded as subpage of website -- or cross linked to website).

(3) Social media, primarily Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, and YouTube (varies depending on client).

(4) New webpages and PPC landing pages.

Today, let's look at winning the content contest by aggressively implementing News page strategies. 

First, you as CEO, business owner, manager must be excited about something new every day regarding your business. Each day you wake up, you should have some focus pertaining to the solutions your products provide for customers who use it to fulfill a need.

You must have one primary thing you'd like to tell the world about your business, every day, or at least a few times each week. 

A new product now stocked. 

A new way to use a current service. 

A new feature installed in a product. 

A new blog post. 

A new employee. 

A link to an interesting article you just read, related to your industry or expertise.

A list of information you want all customers to understand.

A Red Cross banquet you attended last night. 

A new insight on a customer concern.

A news item related to an event related to something in your field that you have a strong opinion on. 

You need access to your website admin panel so you can update your News page with these types of announcements and notices and links.

SEO is now far more oriented to building new webpages that answer customer questions. 

This is now, more than ever, the heart of content SEO. 

Google must see your website as the "go to person," the #1 expert, and the most easy to read answer to whatever questions being asked in internet searches related to your business.

Your website content must be personal, conversational, even breezy and awkward to some degree, to signify a real, warm, human presence. Photos of you, your staff, and happy customers (with permission) will flesh out your website and help people connect with you.

Some human frailty is good -- to avoid the perception of being slick and super optimized. While you need to implement various SEO tactics, your website should not be screaming "I"m Search Engine Optimized." Google even suggests adding some amateurish anchor text for links, like "Click Here" instead of the more savvy keyword anchor like "information about our KSwiss casual shoes."

Does your website content seem human, easy to relate to?

No typos, but eccentric turns of phrase are good. Anything that makes your content original, unique. Not plagiarized, imitated, or copied and pasted from some other website or blog.

Once the HTML is tweaked for SEO values (meta tags, img alt attributes, H tags, robots protocols, site map, etc.), content that is worthy of links and that satisfies customers is the key.

Try to add something to your News page at least 2 or 3 times per week, if not daily. Google will notice. Google will consider your website to be more current and up to date than your competitors' websites. Your website will gradually rise higher and higher in search results.

The next step would be to make sure that once visitors arrive at your website, they have a good experience, find what they need, and are able to work the functional widgets like online registration forms or ecommerce shopping carts.

Excel in the strategic SEO use of your website's News page and gain a strong, hard to emulate, competitive advantage.

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