Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Key to Modern Marketing is Content

The key to modern marketing is Content. 

Content will make Google decide your website is authoritative and up to date. Frequent original content will make your website climb higher in search results pages.

But content is not king. Content is slave to the needs and interests of customers. Content can never be "just tell people what we do and what we sell." That's 1950s advertising mentality.

Today you must be a Teacher if you want to sell a product or promote an agenda. Teach information. About why you got into this field. About how your industry has evolved. About unique features of your product. About what differentiates you from competing vendors.

But mostly -- About experiences of customers and how to best solve their problems.

When I stumble into a client who really "gets" Content, I know the business will be wildly successful and we're both going to be raking in the cash. Why? Because 98% of businesses, your competitors, don't have a single clue.

Most of your competitors still think Content is something a web design team dreams up for your website, the goal being to aggressively push products on docile consumers.

No. A thousand times No. Content must be you talking with your customers about what they're going through. And how you have the answer, solution, fix.

Correct Content. Content that meets actual current needs. That's 80% of SEO.

Search engine optimizing means having webpages that answer typical questions customers are asking in online searches.

Thus, you must know what those questions. You need to personally mingle and engage in conversations with customers in the real world, on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, wherever your customers are having discussions about the problems your product solves.

When a client is fanatic about Customer Education, and is already an avid Teacher, you're in a win-win situation of guaranteed victory. Sales and brand loyalty are on their way.
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