Tuesday, April 7, 2015

SEO makes your website more productive

A web designer builds you a website. It looks okay to you. You feel good about it. You shouldn't.

A website without SEO (search engine optimization) is a website that has very little traffic coming to it. It won't generate sales. It just sits there. You think you've got a web presence -- but all you have is an inert piece of internet real estate that's not productive. It's close to being no web presence at all.

You fire employees who aren't productive. Your website needs to be effective in attaining business goals, too. There are methods for evaluating the effectiveness of a website.

If your website is not resulting in people calling your business (via a phone number exclusive to the website alone, so you can track them), people submitting contact forms, signing up for your newsletter, watching your videos, etc. -- that website is a dud. You wasted your money.

SEO can solve this problem. SEO includes proper implementation of HTML meta tags, H tags, robots.txt, XML site maps, Schema.org, Google Hummingbird semantic search requirements, conversational content, and much more.

I give clients monthly SEO reports that show how SEO is causing their website to shoot higher and higher in search results for various keywords. These reports can be verified independently, so you know the SEO results are real.

Super-charge your website. Transform it into a high powered sales tool, with SEO values that your competitors, I guarantee, are clueless about.

Since almost no websites are properly implementing SEO, you'll have a huge competitive advantage.

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Rajiv Jain said...

You are right no matter how much money one is spending on paid ads, it also depends upon your organic results so SEO is also an important part.