Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Get a Dog, Get a Life

ASPCA poster at PAWS. "Get a dog, get a life."

The wonderful joy of a dog companion, member of the family, treated like the prince of the property, your loyal ally and protector!

When you realize in your heart how much you sincerely LOVE your dog, it is kind of scary.

You realize that this creature with the intelligence of a 2 year old human child has captured your innermost being with an extreme positive attachment.

He seems to be an actual part of you, not a separate being.

He is your son in every sense of the word, aside from how he was born.

You have adopted him, chosen him, and learned how to be nice to him, patient, soft, gentle, and always encouraging him, praising him, talking to him like a human pal.

You sing songs to him, use repeated phrases at specific times, making his world reassured and regular.

You do your utmost to give him a paradise on earth, making his life full of happiness and positive expectations.

Every day is a good day for your dog as long as you're there, with your dog, and cheerfully greeting him upon returning from an absence. He shows his contentment and fondness, just in the way he looks at you or the way he smiles as he takes a nap on your pillow.

Inter-species companionship, mutual love and kindness, a strong emotional bonding, delight in each other's company -- are an amazing gift to both pet and parent-owner.

Training your dog. Protecting him from unleashed dogs. Giving him medical care and a good diet. Buying him toys and jackets and hoodies.

Going off on wild adventures and explorations. From forests to bright city lights. To rivers and fountains and parks.

Taking your little guy along with you, as an equal partner, inside various homes, stores, offices, festivals, visits with neighbors who also have a dog or cat.

Putting him on a parked motorcycle for a photo opp.

Providing varied sensory stimulation by transporting him to new locales and including him on every household activity, whenever possible.

Teaching your dog words, commands, maneuvers, games.

Talking intimately as he looks at you with attempted understanding.

Being surprised at all the words he recognizes and responds to: go for a walk, go see mommy, go see daddy, doggie doctor, bone, dog toy, go night night on the big bed, poo poo pee pee outside, water, doggie treat, yes, no, go home, get on the sidewalk, cars, icky, good boy, whoo whoo whoo (for a remarkable achievement), okay, sorry, go bye bye in the car, go to the bridge (Schmoeger Park), names of other dogs in the neighborhood.

Bonding with a good dog, whose personality meshes with your own in surprising ways, is one of the greatest satisfactions in life.

If you have the opportunity to comfortably accommodate, pay the bills for, and lovingly care for a dog, please go to PAWS and rescue one today.

Buddy Streight the Minpin, we love you with all our hearts,

Mommy and Daddy

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