Monday, August 31, 2015

How To Write High Traffic Business Blog Posts

How do you write effective blog posts for a business? 

What kinds of content are going to connect with customers? 

What types of topics are most popular?

What do customers want to read about on a business blog?

First, you have to understand the intended audience for your business, their needs, problems, and interests. 

Next, you have to deeply understand the business and what appeals to customers. 

Then, you have to be aware of hot news items that relate to the company's products and the problems they solve.

I will now list the 10 most popular blog posts (according to Google) on my client's Davis Dental Diary.

Then I'll explain the marketing strategy behind them and why these are getting such high traffic.

You can apply the same principles to your own business blog.

Top 10 Blog Posts of Davis Dental Diary

(1) Same Day Dentures and Other Dubious Dental Services

(2) Cecil the Lion -- A Peoria Dentist Responds

(3) How To Evaluate a Dentist

(4) Kavo DIAGNOdent Cavity Detector

(5) Contact Us

(6) Brush Your Teeth and Get More Dates VIDEO

(7) Teeth Whitening -- Some Basic Facts

(8) Our Dental Services

(9) Why I Became a Dentist

(10) Basic Facts About Fluoride


Marketing Strategy Behind the Top 10 Blog Posts

(1) "Same Day Dentures and Other Dubious Dental Services" addresses the issue of "fast food" type corporate dental chains, without mentioning any of them by name.

This type of competition has launched massive amounts of TV commercials and online ads, thus must be confronted aggressively. In many cases, these quota driven enterprises are treating patients like cash cows and not delivering good work.

(2) "Cecil the Lion -- a Peoria Dentist Responds" ties in with my #1 SEO tactic: tie in with something that is already viral, a trending news topic in your field.

(3) "How To Evaluate a Dentist" is sharing expertise. People are always looking for good, inside advice on how to select a product or a provider of services. "How To" offers a promise and a benefit to patients.

(4) "Kavo DIAGNOdent Cavity Detector" appeals to the geeks, those who like to know about high tech gadgets. This dentist uses the slogan, "Pain free, affordable, high tech dentistry" so it's relevant to his niche.

(5) "Contact Us" is a bit unexpected to be ranking so high. What this indicates to me is that patients arriving at this blog are highly motivated to take the next step and initiate contact with his office, to set up an appointment.

(6) "Brush Your Teeth and Get More Dates VIDEO" is a funny but realistic cartoon video. It teaches good dental hygiene, while also providing a powerful motivation to keep your teeth in good shape. Again, here's a compelling appeal to a desired result that patients are seeking.

(7) "Teeth Whitening -- Some Basic Facts" ties in with a tremendously popular issue. Teeth whitening is something that is already a viral, trending topic, so people who proceed logically want to learn about it before they take any action with a home kit or a dentist visit.

(8) "Our Dental Services" appeals to patients who want to know what can be done by the dentist. The services themselves are hot keywords, so this post is good for SEO.

(9) "Why I Became a Dentist" is based on the fact that people prefer to do business with providers they know, like, and trust. By explaining his decision to become a dentist, potential patients get to know, like, and hopefully trust this dentist. Plus, people are nosy and like to pry into the minds of others, if only out of simple curiosity.

(10) "Basic Facts About Fluoride" ties in with an issue that is already viral, another trending topic. Fluoride has been in the news a lot recently, with anti-fluoride health-minded individuals questioning the safety of the amounts of fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste (look at the warnings on your tube of fluoride toothpaste.)

While there are many other social media marketing principles I could discuss, these are enough to get you going in the right direction.

Remember: tie in with topics that are already viral, share expertise, and write posts that humanize, personalize, and make your company more known, liked, and trusted.

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