Monday, August 10, 2015

10 Facebook Hacks to Improve Your Social Media Experience

Here are 10 Facebook hacks I discovered on my own, that can greatly improve your experience.

(1) Hold the Shift key down and then Enter to create paragraph breaks in a comment. It's so much better than a dense block of hard to read text.

(2) When you type in someone's name in a comment, and the full name becomes a link, you can backspace out the middle and last name, so only the first name appears, but remains a link.

(3) When I post an update, often an organization's name, and sometimes a person's name, will not automatically become a link. Post it anyway, then Edit the update, and delete the name and retype it.

Then it will become a link, for some reason.

(4) Remember you can Edit a comment. Do this rather than post a second comment, correcting a typo or whatever.

Go to your comment, on the level of your name, and all the way to the upper right corner. A pencil will appear, with tool tip "Edit or Delete". Click on Edit and fix the typo.

(5) When you type in a person's or organization's name in a post, and it didn't turn into a link, you can also just Edit the post and position the cursor next to the last letter of the name and that will make the name a link.

(6) You don't see posts from people when you fail to interact with their posts. Instead of complaining about that, start clicking Like, Share, and Comment on their posts.

That will tell Facebook that you care about what they're posting and Facebook will oblige you by putting more of their posts in your Newsfeed.

(7) Check your Groups category in left sidebar frequently. People can add you to their groups without your permission and if you don't pay attention, you may have some weird, irrelevant groups listed in your left sidebar, which may make you look bad.

(8) NEVER persist in just Sharing posts from others, or those fluffy inspirational quotes all the time. If you rarely express your own thoughts, people will start to not care about your Facebook updates.

(9) Political posts, attacks against Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or Obama or Bernie or Elizabeth or Jeb Bush, or mockery of Republican or Democrat party -- ???

They really don't accomplish anything at all.

What they do is alienate people who like you but disagree with you politically. They don't change anybody's mind or educate anybody.

People do their own political research and come to their own conclusions. A Facebook post is not going to convert anybody to anything.

You're preaching to the choir or angering the ideologically intolerant.

(10) NEVER send Friend Requests to interesting people with shared interests -- unless you first send them a private FB message telling them why you want to connect, what you have in common.

Facebook explicitly commands us to send Friend Requests ONLY to people you really know in real life.

So start the knowing with a private message -- or click Like or Share on some of their posts, or post some comments.

THEN the stranger with shared interests will be more likely to accept your Friend Request, rather than reporting you to Facebook, who will then suspend your ability to send Friend Requests to anybody for a while.
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