Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fighting Trolls and Beating Them with Misinterpretation

I greatly enjoy it when trolls make their futile little attempts to disagree with my viewpoint, or to flame my own music.

My secret weapons in online debate consist of:

(1) not caring about who likes or dislikes my music

(2) not caring about their hysterical rants

(3) not caring about "winning" a discussion

(4) not caring about their fragile egos and their desperate clinging to a musical artist whom I have debunked as a fake.

(5) totally ignoring nonsensical replies and keep hammering away at your main point, remaining completely oblivious to hateful flames and wild accusations

(6) repeatedly pretending to misinterpret destructive criticism as praise

-- this really annoys and infuriates trolls, often causing them to say "I'm done with this conversation." You turn the tables on them. Trolls want to make you angry and upset, but you make him so angry and upset, he can't take it anymore.

If you make music to please and get praise from other people, you'll always be sensitive and vulnerable to hostility.

Make music to please yourself and forget about fans, stardom, and popularity. That junk is for narcissistic losers.

Case in point: the Dorian Concept video of him pretending to be working hard, hot-knobbing and air-tweaking his MicroKorg in a pretentious show of nonsense at the Boiler Room.

Dorian Concept is easily seen to be faking a performance as he uses a pre-recorded set. It's like lip-syncing, only with a synthesizer.

Go to YouTube and type in "Dorian Concept Boiler Room" and you'll see the fake performance video.

Guys who adore and idolize this fraudster Dorian Concept get really bent out of shape when they see me critique him.

Watch my Troll Smashing technique in action. Maybe it will help you in a similar situation.


Playground Music:

+Steven Streight Can you not hear the delay effect? He's changing the delay timing

Steven Streight:

He's making furious motions, touching knobs without even turning them, they stay in the same position.


+Steven Streight Also looks like hes got some form of adhd or ocd.

Personally i have both, and when im playing live i get super nervous and somewhat jittery, so i usually fuck with the eq knobs a lot, even if other people cant hear the differences i'm so tuned into the music that i can hear even the slightest little change. most likely another factor.


+Steven Streight  Either way he's producing shit better than you'll ever be able to create in your whole life.

All his movements are subtle, he's actually playing the controller and it's not meant to perform the whole song from scratch but rather add minor effects live.

Fuck off with that foo foo lame ass shit. You're being completely hypocritical as well, implying you have nothing to hate/disrespect Dorian Concept. But you're doing just that you old little shit.

Steven Streight:

Bullshit. Dorian Concept is faking it and you know it. All that hot knobbing and air tweaking with no change in the sound.

He's a pathetic fraud. It's abundantly obvious.

I know what's going on, and so do the many other synthesizer players I showed this video to. We know MicroKorgs. Dude's not playing it.

Aname Goeshere:

+Steven Streight Any sufficiently advanced virtuoso is indistinguishable from magic.

Steven Streight:

This performance is neither "virtuoso" nor "magic" but almost entirely fake.


How is he fucking fake, that makes no sense. Look at your fucking videos, all you're doing is smashing your face mindlessly on your kassolator that you obviously do not know how to use.


+Steven Streight Steven, completely agree.This guy is a fakey fake live.

He is literally pretending to play the keys; he has his fingers resting on the plastic above the key bed.

He even flicks his hand next to the keyboard as if he's doing something. I'm sure to the crowd that is below him can't tell what they heck he's doing, but the video sure shows that clear as day.

They even start shaking and moving the camera more, because the camera operator even realizes what he's "doing" is absolutely nothing.

Maybe he wrote and performed the music in studio (maybe), but he's not performing anything live that he recorded.

Even the fake knob tweaking (old DJ trick) doesn't do anything to the sound.

He's frickin' constantly moving about to different knobs like an idiot with no result.

Yeah he has the cables plugged in, but that's all for show.

This guy sucks.


This is a performance with the use of effects to only heighten/increase the sound of his specific music. His production is so complex that you cannot perform single handily by yourself on a single synth. It's polyphonic because there is multiple rhythm within a single beat and a looper wouldn't be sufficient because the timing and tempo constantly changes.


This is something you won't ever understand because you aren't an actual musician, or at least a knowledgeable/talented one for that matter.


Look at your videos -- they're fucking terrible and you should kill yourself.

Steven Streight:

Thanks. I'm glad you like them.

I'll make more, and there will never be any hot-knobbing or air tweaking fake playing nonsense on them, I guarantee it.


Yeah your music actually sucks, you will never be as good as Dorian.

Steven Streight:

Thanks. I'm happy I can please you with my actual synthesizer playing, rather than pretending to perform along with a pre-recorded set.


You're cancer to music, and you'll never be a respect musician.

Steven Streight:

I greatly appreciate your taking the time to watch all of my amazing music videos.

Your boy-love for Dorian Concept, the fake MicroKorg player, is really cute, too.

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