Thursday, March 17, 2016

Not Posting Anything About Your Business on Your Facebook Business Page

One of the most common and serious mistakes I see is Facebook Business pages where the owner, or whoever is handling their Facebook marketing, NEVER posts anything relevant to their business.

It's really amazing to see this. Lots of posts, but they're either trivial and silly, or they're informative, but not related to the business.

And they never post anything about their own business.

Nothing about their new products, new employees, community events they participate in, awards they've received, training programs, job openings, corporate philosophy, industry news -- nothing.

I can't quite understand how anybody could be this absurd.

Did the business owner turn their Facebook page over to some young person and just say, "Have fun with it" -- ???

The owner has no business goals he or she hopes to achieve with their Facebook Business page?

If you're a business owner with a Facebook Business page devoted to your business, take a look at it.

Are you sharing your expertise?

Are you posting anything about your business, your products, discounts, special events, new features, customer testimonials, explanations of what makes you different from your competitors?

Are you linking to news items that relate to your field?

Are you posting photos of your products in use, solving the needs of customers?

Are you posting photos of your company's involvement in community events and fund raisers?

Are you sharing videos that help customers better understand their problems and how to solve them?

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