Thursday, February 22, 2018

Head Noise or Facebook Content Obsession

Head Noise, a disorder that is also known as Facebook Content Obsession, is when something you see on Facebook keeps flowing through your mind, even when you're not on Facebook. It can be what someone else posted, or your own response to a Facebook post.

You may become a victim of Head Noise by seeing too many political memes, arguing with a troll, or by letting yourself feel bad about a negative comment.

Head Noise crowds out the thoughts you should be thinking and poisons your inner self. Think back to your LBF (life before Facebook). You probably had far less Head Noise polluting your consciousness.

Head Noise can haunt you, to the point that you find yourself constantly engaged in mentally debating or attacking someone you encountered on Facebook.

Head Noise can be avoided by blocking individuals who are annoying or incurably stupid.

You can also reduce head noise by spending less time on Facebook, or engaging in "drve-by posting" -- posting something on Facebook, but ignoring Notifications of replies and avoiding Newsfeed by not clicking on Home.

Your life will be happier and less stressful by taking steps to reduce Head Noise.

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