Wednesday, March 7, 2018

10 Types of SEO Keywords for Effective Website Content

Everybody knows that for SEO power and content enrichment, your website text must contain naturally occurring keywords.

Keywords are words and phrases that customers and industry leaders use that are relevant to your business, problems of customers, and how to solve them.

You don't take mediocre, hurriedly thrown together copy, then sprinkle strategic keywords into it to empower it for SEO. That won't work. Google will consider poorly written, superficial, fluffy content to be Inferior Quality Web Content and will downrank your website in search results.

You explain the customer problem, why it's urgent to fix it immediately, and how your product solves everything easily, quickly, and affordably.

Then your website needs to answer every conceivable question a customer could and does ask, from every possible angle, defining technical terms, and speaking in a friendly, person-to-person voice of authority and credibility.

Now let's drill down into the general kinds of keywords that should be used in your website.

10 Basic Types of SEO Keywords

1. Customer Defined Keywords (User Vocabulary)

2. Industry Defined Keywords (Technical Terminology)

3. Product Defined Keywords (Catalog Copy)

4. Thought Leader Defined Keywords (Buzzwords / Insider Slang)

5. Geolocation Keywords (Local Shopping)

6. Related Vertical Keywords (Commercial Ecosystem Glossary)

7. Prospect Footprints (Customer Conversations)

8. Leading Keywords (Highly Competitive Nomenclature)

9. Longtail Keywords (Esoteric Terms of Highly Motivated Shoppers or Researchers)

10. Synonyms / Close Variants (Alternate Terminology)

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