Friday, March 9, 2018

Voice Search Changes How You Optimize Website Content

Google is moving more strongly toward being a direct answer provider, rather than a search engine providing links to possible solutions.

This means your website can be Google's quoted resource -- IF your web content completely answers every question a customer could possibly ask about their problem and its solution.

If your answer is so complete and well-written that Google serves it up to customers, you'll crush your competitors.

Look at your website. How good a job does it do in answering customer questions? Does it even show any concern about typical questions customers have?

If you don't know all the questions your website should be addressing -- ask your sales staff, service department, or receptionist. Also, go directly to customers and ask them what questions, concerns, frustrations, and problems they have.

An FAQ format is a great way to present information about a product, rather than long, dense blocks of hype. You'll see this on Amazon product pages, where customers ask questions, then answers are provided by other customers or the manufacturer of the product.

Think deeply about your customers, the problems they face, and the questions they are asking. It's very annoying to go to a website, wanting to purchase something, but not finding answers to important questions you have.

Customers with "more nuanced" questions tend to be ready to buy now. They're doing research and want to be very sure they make the right product choice, with no regrets later.

Make sure your website accommodates them.

Read more about voice search and Google snippets here:

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