Sunday, April 12, 2009

simultaneous webcasting and filming

This blog post on Simultaneous Webcasting and Filming is an assembly of Twitter messages as I communicated the topic to my followers on Twitter. Presented here in chronological order.

However, on my Twitter profile, my archived messages will be read backwards, but my Followers who were on Twitter and observing my message stream saw these messages, in real time, in chronological sequence.

For first time in 3 months, I got out of my house & did some remote webcasting last night. I operated 2 cameras simultaneously.

Quite a comback huh? After being absent for so long.

I operated a live streaming (on Ustream) video webcam in one hand & a movie camera palmcorder, recording a separate film, in the other.

Thus, 2 versions of the same event: my webcam video archived at Ustream & my palmcorder film version, which is better.

It's not easy to make two separate video documents of an event & drink Schlitz beer & argue with your wife/assistant about cords.

Actually, I had 3 or 4 assistants, a wee bit of creative anarchy, webcam was run by 5 different people at different times. Just grab it.

The webcam was secondary, to archive event at Ustream. The palmcorder was primary, as we construct a film of punk comedy skits & music.

I had to watch the computer screen to monitor the live streaming video being recorded on Ustream AND watch the popout screen on the palmcorder recording the movie segment for the client's film project.

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