Friday, April 3, 2009

the Twistori mystery

Twistori seems to be the Anti Twitter.

In the rotating links Twitter is featuring in the sidebar, it's called "an ongoing and hypnotic social experiment".

You might as well stare at the moon or the television. Twistori is not a "social network" if all the participants are anonymous, without name or avatar, sans bio. It's just sentences interacting, no: piling on top of, other sentences.

You could cut and paste statements from random books and publications, with the exact same effect. You could make a random statement generator that you could gaze at for hours, trying to detect hidden meanings within the chaos of the unconnected and randomized sentences.

The Twistori Mystery: why would you post anonymous messages to other unknowable, anonymous users? As art, it's okay but boring. No utility. Thus, since it serves no purpose that we can imagine so far, it can be categorized as Abstract Nothingism.

To be unknown, a stranger, unidentifiable. To post rootless messages, grounded in the worthless anonymous whirlpool of the digital effluvium, addressed to unknown recipients, to the Web Itself, to no one and everyone, a vague community incapable of being defined or interacted with this communication?

Perhaps all the fake Twitter accounts, ghost bloggers, and trolls could gravitate here by some awful weight of addressee-free confession compulsions.

Anonymous nothingness: the Twistori Time Waste Trap.

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