Tuesday, June 23, 2009

18 metaphysical reflections on iran

1 / Suppression of public protest spawns underground subversion.

2 / You may seem to stop The People, but nothing can stop Karma.

3 / What you force your will upon becomes your grave.

4 /
Stepping on the will of The People is putting your head in the lion's mouth.

5 /
Hurting people is the attempt to kill God.

6 /
The misanthropic insanity of oppressors is the root of their vulnerability.

7 /
Transmit infinite mental love waves toward tyrants to forcibly transform them into blissful oceans of kindness.

8 / Compu-telepathic blessings of enormous soaring euphoria & super-real tranquility descend upon all people everywhere.

9 /
Tyranny evaporates in ecstatic pulsations from new dimensions of universal, invincible love.

10 /
Violence disintegrates in the whirlpool of perfect bliss radiating from the deliriously beautiful hearts of all humanity.

11 /
Ghosts of fear vanish in the kaleidoscopic haze of serenity spheres shining in joy & compassion toward all.

12 /
Gentle breezes delight & subdue all souls in blissful tides of cascading flowers from sweet eternities.

13 /
Minds of oppressors melt into vast shimmering pools of divine soothings.

14 /
Hate subsides into a single dot that dissolves into total love in every living being in all infinities of worlds.

15 /
Violence, hate & destruction will NEVER cause their opposite. Be Peace. Be Love. Be Triumphant.

16 / Your mind, my mind, their mind, our mind are all indelibly imprinted with peace.

17 / Love is already overwhelming all that is not yet Love.

18 / Love.

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