Saturday, June 13, 2009

lyrics to 75 by Touch

Remember the Kingsmen, and their hit "Louie, Louie"?

Not long after that, they turned into a classy psychedelic hippie band called Touch. Their only album was released in 1969.

When I was a teenager, I would play their only album over and over again, especially the song "Seventy Five". At ten minutes and 78 seconds, it seemed to go on forever. I thought it was the entire side B of their album, until I recently purchased a used copy at Younger Than Yesterday record shop.

The band began recording at Sunset Sounds but sessions were soon plagued with hype and out of control partying. Word quickly spread about the mind blowing music Touch had been recording at Sunset Sounds.

Grace Slick, Mick Jagger, and the great Jimi Hendrix stopped by the studio to witness Touch in action. What they heard on those sessions was thankfully put down to wax and released at the tail end of the decade.

The Touch album is graced with the adventurous spirit of the 60s, a record overflowing with ideas, killer musicianship, and great performances. It’s one of America’s first progressive rock albums albeit one that still has a strong psychedelic hangover.

The above mentioned track, the nearly 12 minute Seventy Five is one of the great early progressive rockers with a fabulous guitar solo and a wonderful, atmospheric vocal performance from Jeff Hawks. Seventy Five is often described as a theatre-of-the-mind epic but is by no means an overblown ELP keyboard extravaganza.

-- The Rising Storm on Touch

A friend of mine requested that I provide the lyrics to this beautiful, soaring song, perhaps, along with It's a Beautiful Day's "White Dove", the most exalted and majestic tune of the 60s hippie revolution.

Read about Touch at The Rising Storm ... a free mp3 blog. There, you can download another beautiful song, "Alesha and Others" by Touch. Too gorgeous to even describe. Heavenly music!

"Seventy Five"

Each night
I close my eyes
and see the sights
of things long past
and yet to be.

Things that you don't see.

Your eyes
they just see truth
you make them lie.
If you could only
let them see.

Why not set them free?
why not set them free?

I see
the look of thoughts
upon your face.

There's something moving
in your mind.

You're coming alive.
Coming alive.


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