Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Free Product Distribution - CD dropping in Peoria

In keeping with anti-marketing and social network sharing trends, Sludge Farm Records is happy to announce that the STR8 SOUNDS "failed music distribution system" is ready to launch.

CDs that contain only partial albums, half-finished EPs, de-cataloged maxi-singles, demo tracks that were later remixed for CD release, out-takes, mistakes, alternate versions, test tracks for sonic analysis, albums withdrawn from public availability, and other rejected material (most of it quite fine indeed) will be randomly "dropped" at public places.

Whereas all my previous CDs were contained in hard plastic jewel cases, these are packaged in distinctive slip sleeves, with or without track listings, times, and cover art.

Pick it up, turn it up!

Don't be shy. If you see one, it's not stealing to take it. I'll write "FREE" on it, in case a cop or sales clerk tries to stop you.

NOTE: Please keep in mind these are REJECTS. If you post a comment here, or confront me in a bar, about any of this music, I'll pretend I don't know what you're talking about.

Where to find the free, wild, and abandoned Str8 Sounds reject recordings:

* Public restrooms

* Libraries

* Record retailers

* Coffee shops

* Laundromats

* Musical equipment stores

* Restaurants

* Gas stations

* Hospitals

* Fire stations

* Downtown bars

* Universities

* Bus depots

* Hair salons

...and other involuntary distribution points.

IF YOU FIND ONE...please post a comment here, telling us where you discovered the CD.

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