Friday, September 11, 2009

Autistic Fire Monkey dreamy French female vocals

Within a day or two of posting some Str8 Sounds songs on Sony ACIDplanet, I had a fan and mentor who was posting detailed reviews.

Str8 Sounds at ACIDplanet.

Here's a sample of her too kind reviews:

STR8 SOUNDS "You're So Remote"


I like the lo-fi sax and the vocals more again ! Cool levels for the vox in ur mix . The latin feel and the sound a la Portishead add a good lil' something. Original and well-done spoken word .


maybe some mix-up or puzzlement when wishing to know what means the title .... (are the leaders remote ? do you like leaders ? do you hate them ? ) :

so , the titles are the secret story of the song for someone who doesn't understand English too good ... like me ..


Good production without any doubt. Good flow of the lyrics ! Xellent mix.

-- AFM Autistic FireMonkey

I feel so good with a guide and colleague at this site that I'm new to.

Her music is floating, dreamy, atmospheric, French/English jazzy pop. Sultry in a nice way. More like intellectual and sweet. Very relaxing and polished. I'm so honored that she likes the Str8 Sounds. I must not suck that bad! LOL

Her version of Dylan's "Knocking On Heaven's Door".

Check out her 3 different profiles on ACIDplanet, download her free mp3s, and be amazed...

AFM Autistic FireMonkey

Autistic Fire Monkey aka ANGELS FRAGMENT

Autistic FireMonkey aka NOBODY'S HERE

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