Sunday, September 27, 2009

new song honors Vaspers blogocombat king

Matt Searles: "Vasperian Blogocombat"

Please slow down on all the accolades and praise people! I'm only half-human, just like you! LOL

Evidence of Vaspers Blogocombat King per Google.

Internet Killed the Video Star..  and something about Fresh Meat.

For those new to me, I am known all over the internet as Vaspers, Vaspers the Grate, Pluperfecter, Str8 Sounds, and Steven Streight.

For a song to exist that honors Vaspers is quite an odd pleasantry. It's a charming and deviously ambient joyride of electronic sound. The composer, Matt Searles, has long been a loyal mentor, ally, and inspiration to Str8 Sounds.


As you listen, please think about blogocombat brutality, reconciliatory peace, and defeating foes by turning them gently into allies or neutrals. For love may yet convert the trolls and crybaby bullies to a better way of being!

I'm sure the restful tones and unexpected twists in this tribute tune will put a smile on your face and supreme triumphalism in your heart! May it be so!


For more incredible ambient electronic music experimentation by Matt Searles...

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This is the art work for the cover of Viveka..

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