Monday, May 30, 2011

Social Media Content That Achieves Business Goals PODCAST

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Vaspers the Grate Presents: Vaspers New Reformed Blogorama

A meaty audio blog presentation on "Social Media Content That Achieves Business Goals"

You have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, a blog, and other social networks.

Now what?

Achieve business objectives by sharing your expertise, links, lists, news items, mobile coupons, videos, podcasts, web tools, product comparison guides, testimonials, site-specific discounts, odd blogs, questions, and other forms of content.

How to establish yourself as both an industry Thought Leader and a fully human participant in online communities. Avoid techniques that cause you to seem like a greedy vending machine that has only one theme: "Here's our product. How much do you want today?"

Make your social media valuable and interesting to fans, followers, and friends, instead of hammering them with hype or inundating them with inspirational quotes.

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