Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vaspers the Grate Presents on Blog Talk Radio episode 1 Internet Trolls

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My first in a series of Vaspers the Grate Presents on Blog Talk Radio: "Blogocombat Against Trolls". My next episode will be "Big Mistakes in Small Business".

In this Episode #1 we cover common internet trolls, basic blogocombat based on the Text vs Text premise, the Reverse Troll, and how to handle insults and chronic troll attacks.

I promise, every episode will be inflammatory, disconcerting, and profound in a pragmatic manner, lavishly equipped with Eastern metaphysical progressions and elegant rhetorical stylings.

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My shows will be broadcasted at late hours, generally or mainly in the range of somewhere between 12 midnight to 3:00 AM, but I can set up shows for any time that's convenient for you.

Upcoming topics:

* SEO for Small Business

* How to Evaluate a Social Media Expert

* 10 Worst Mistakes of a Local Business

* How to Drive Traffic AWAY From Your Store

* Loud Advertising vs True Expertise

* Marketing is More About Customer Retention Than Sales Spikes

* Common Errors in Sales Presentations

* Troll Smashing 101

* Bad Social Media Consultants Can Wreck Your Brand

* Worst Web Usability Mistakes of 2011

* Curse of The Technological Imperative: Amoral and Uncertain Inevitability

* How to Find Work Without Using Resumes, Business Cards, or Interviews

* Literary Precursors to the Modern Blog: from Psalms to Derrida

* 7 Guaranteed Tips to Improve Your Blog Writing

* The Web as an Inherently Revolutionary Platform

* CEO Blogs and Video Tips

* Microblogging vs Slo Mo Blogging

* Why Online Slide Shows Suck

... and many more.

Don't see what you want to discuss?

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We can work it out.

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