Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Tips on Customer Service

My new article for the InterBusiness Issues, February 2012 issue is now online. The print magazine is already mailed out to subscribers and obtainable in the magazine racks and news stands.

I am honored that publisher Jan Wright mentions me, quoting from my article, in her monthly column, ranking me in with "the region's leading experts" on current marketing trends.

Here are some choice excerpts from my "10 Tips for Customer Service: Achilles Heel of American Business":

* A sale should turn a stranger into a friend, not just a customer.

* Customer service is where your business is probably the weakest.

* It's dangerous to be overly optimistic and assume you're doing a good job at serving customers. Chances are, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

* You can't just say in an advertisement, “We'll serve you as if you were family” or “You'll be treated like royalty.” Jingles, slogans and mission statements don't win and retain customers.

* Are you up to speed with the new realities in the marketplace, in technology, in peer-to-peer recommendation systems, online reputation management, and the psyche of the roving, wireless, always-on, multi-networked consumer?

* How customers experience and interpret every transaction with your business—that’s what ultimately matters.

* We'll go out of our way to warn the people we care about most. We want to sound the alarm about a business that treats customers poorly, with disrespect, or with sluggish reluctance. Thank goodness, customer service is one thing your company can control to a great degree.

Read entire article here:

"10 Tips on Customer Service: Achilles Heel of American Business".

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