Sunday, February 26, 2012

Micro Course on Business Fundamentals

This is the place that use to be, as the sign proclaims, "on Main." But now, it's off Main.

It's a tough business environment for many. Every business, no matter how "unassailable" they may feel about their market position, should sleep with one eye open, focused on the morphing milieu. Changes, often revolutionary and difficult to keep pace with, are proliferating constantly. Unpreparedness or laxity can be fatal. Sweeping transformations are here, leaving no business unscathed.

Even the top companies, with a legacy of long-term success, are closer these days to the brink of disaster, the precarious precipice. The commerce dangers are frequently due to large-scale forces beyond their powers to predict or direct, including domestic policy, evolving technology, and overseas turmoil.

What must be done is focus resources on what can be controlled, improved, and promoted more effectively. Treat customers better. Beef up your advisory mode. Be a teacher and guide, not just a seller of stuff.

Every business has obscure products or special services that are unclear to customers. If customers understood how they could benefit from these, what are now murky or ignored, more customer needs would be met by your organization -- and more revenue generated.

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