Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pinterest Needs Big Images to Pin Your Product

Pictured above: Taco Bell $5 Box.

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Due to the huge popularity of Pinterest, it is now mandatory, with almost no exceptions, for all web pages, ecommerce sites, blogs, forums, etc. to have a big image. If Pinterest can't find a big image on a web property, members of the Pinterest community can't pin it to a board.

Pinterest users can create or find an image, pin that, then edit the pin and make the image link to the product page or whatever is appropriate, but why make people use workarounds and jump through hoops to promote your product?

People who like your book, CD, art, robot, or other product need to be able to find it, accompanied by a large image, on a web page that fully explains it and features a way to buy or obtain the item. If that product page has good SEO, then Pinterest users will find in in search results.

Without a large image, your product is lost. Nobody can pin it, no matter how much they love it and want tell others about it.

That's how things get promoted on Pinterest. The company, product, person, or service must be represented online with a large graphic, a photo of the item or entity, a drawing, a giant logo, something that Pinterest will be able to see and use as a visual for the pin that will be added to a user's board.

Make sure your company has a large visual on all web pages that you want promoted on Pinterest.

That page should be auto-promotional itself, containing an image and text that convey a sales message, benefit declaration, competitive differentiation, or other important communication.

Get all your product pages, ecommerce landing pages, corporate promotions, tutorial videos, audio podcasts, blogs, and other web presences up to speed with Pinterest.

Pinterest-enabled web pages have a competitive advantage to those who are exiled from Pinterest due to non-compliance with the Pinterest large image requirement.

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