Sunday, March 25, 2012

8 Reasons To Be on Multiple Social Media Platforms

Why should a business use the combined power of a blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, and other social media -- rather than just a website or just a Facebook page?

(1) Your competitors are, or will be, using multiple social media platforms to drive traffic to their websites. If they perfect, and become well known for multiple platforms, it will be difficult to play catch-up.

(2) You obtain better SEO (search engine optimization) and more prominent rankings when customers do an internet search for your company or services -- and find you on multiple platforms.

(3) The more web presences you have, the more you position yourself as authoritative, technologically sophisticated, active online, and eager to get your message out in various internet venues -- you appear more customer-centric, transparent, and engaged with an audience.

(4) You give customers more options for getting to know you. Some people relate better to YouTube videos than to Facebook posts, while others relate more to frequent blog posts than to static website content.

(5) You can't tell which platform is going to work better, and people change in their preferences, so it's good to cover several bases.

(6) You will be reaching out to different types of customers on the different social media platforms. Why limit your marketing to just one type?

(7) You can link to all your web presences at each individual platform, thus giving customers a sense that you seek to proclaim your messages in a variety of venues, and increasing the chances that they will find the information, advertising, expertise, or product explanation best suited to their current needs and in a format they prefer.

(8) You fortify and increase the positive values of your online reputation, thereby burying negative stories, trolling webpage attacks, and imperfect or incomplete media reports on your company.

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