Saturday, March 24, 2012

Compelling Content vs Pleading for Responses

It's natural to want people to pay attention to what we think are important issues. We all want others to react positively to our passionate concerns. But you could turn people off by begging for Likes, Shares and Comments.

To get favorable results, post compelling content. Add an eye-catching photo to your text. Make your posts so interesting, informative, and valuable that people will, unprovoked, desire to Like, Share, Retweet, Repost, Link To, and Post Comments on it.

If you come on too strong, your promotion may backfire. If you keep hammering away at a campaign, you may make people Block, Unfriend, Unfollow, or Report you as a nuisance.

Spammers and con artists often try to force behaviors from their audience. They typically employ threats, warnings, guilt-tripping, photos of suffering children, exaggeration, over-excitement, deception, wild claims, repetition of message, and seduction of various types.

Distance yourself from such nonsense. State your case in a professional, self-restrained, non-coercive manner. Link to reputable, credible sources for those who want more information. Avoid any hint of bullying, intimidating, or demanding specific actions.

Learn how to be persuasive without being domineering. Ask a friend or spouse or co-worker to look at what you want to post. Listen to their opinion of it. Communicate in a dignified, subdued, and creative manner -- and your message will have a much greater impact.

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