Saturday, March 31, 2012

Social Media Business Communications

As a CEO, manager, or business owner, you have plenty to say on social media, and you already know how to say it. Just communicate as you would to a colleague, employee, customer, vendor, media representative, friend, or family member.

What makes social media so intimidating to business people?

(1) It's a two way communication channel, unlike tradition unilateral broadcast and print media.

People can talk back, question, debate, challenge, refute -- or enrich, enhance, and elaborate on what you say.

(2) Your sincerity and dedication to social media's core values of Sharing and Caring are easy to see, or debunk.

If you rarely post anything, never interact with others, just spew forth hyped up sales messages and "news about what we're doing" -- you'll turn people off.

If you offer good advice, impart your expertise, joke around a bit, act nice, click Like and Share, and comment on other people's posts in a charming, encouraging, and intelligent manner -- you'll differentiate your company from uncaring, arrogant, unresponsive competitors.

Social media is not about marketing. It's about socializing. But you can indirectly "market" your company by simply being authentic, transparent (with professional discretion), altruistic, and instructive.

Share your expertise. Share your personality. Share your industry savvy. Share your knowledge of how to solve customer problems, with or without your products being involved.

Business communications for your firm must find their place in social media. Otherwise, your competitors will dominate the platforms, making your company look unsophisticated, aloof, and uninterested in attracting new customers.

Work social media wisely, ethically, and humanly -- and you'll see results in new customer acquisition, customer loyalty, and customer-generated word of mouth.

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