Thursday, May 30, 2013

Email is NOT Broken, It's User Error article at The Peorian

Have you noticed all the tech articles that rant about how email is "broken"? 

I've never been able to understand all the whining and complaining about how bad email is. It's called "a relic of a bygone Internet era." Crammed email inboxes are blamed as sources of great stress and frustration.

People dream about "Inbox Zero" (all emails are replied to or deleted). They moan about "not being able to control who sends you email" and "not knowing how to prioritize email messages for response."

Email is not broken at all, in fact it is still potentially the most targeted communication channel -- as long as you don't sign up for spammy newsletters -- or put your primary email address on registration forms at dubious websites -- or display a harvestable email address on your website.

Your email inbox is what you make it to be. If you strictly control your email address, you won't have much trouble with spam and irrelevant messages clogging your inbox.


"Email is NOT Broken, It's User Error" -- my latest article at The Peorian online magazine, with 11 tips on how to improve your email experience and avoid spam.

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