Saturday, June 1, 2013

Is The Total Transformation a scam?

Is The Total Transformation a scam?

Are their behavioral techniques effective for parents of ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) children? 

Is having someone hound you to practice "tough love" worth $327 (plus shipping) to you? 

Are people being bullied into signing up for a lot of programs that are difficult to cancel?

Do reviews by affiliates have any credibility? (No.) 

Do anonymous customer reviews have any credibility? (No.) 

When you Google "Total Transformation scam" and all you see are people claiming that it is NOT a scam, is that a good sign? (No.)

Amazon product page for The Total Transformation has a lot of authentic sounding negative reviews and some phony sounding positive reviews.


If you watched the infomercail and thought "wow, I agree with what they're saying, maybe this is a good program" then you've already heard 75% of what you're going to get on the CD/DVD set. 

Most of the hours and hours of guidance is just an extended version of the infomercial, a lot of times it's the exact same script as the infomercail. It's like they're trying to convince you that their method works and you should buy into it. 

Yeah, I got thst part, can we just move on? Unfortunately no, you can't move on. You must listen to hours of them droning on and on about and Lehman and his program and how good it is and testimonials and why you should do this and why it works. I

t's very frustrating to listen to all that when you accept the premise and want to move on to the HOW of the program. I lost patience really quickly trying to weed through all the hard sell rhetoric to find the actual steps of the program. 

- N. Coy


If you want to avoid being a chump, a victim of a con artist, you must get good at sensing the authenticity of user reviews. After reading a lot of reviews for a lot of different products, you'll develop a specialized awareness. You'll be able to detect fake reviews from real customer assessments.

One way to distinguish a disguised ad from a legitimate user evaluation is this: a real customer will use their real name, link to their other reviews and/or their own blog, and will be mixed -- partly positive and partly negative.

Really bad products can get totally negative reviews, but reviews of great products by actual customers will typically mention a few imperfections or drawbacks. A mediocre product can annoy people to the point where they are completely hostile, while a super fantastic product will always have a few aspects that are disappointing.

Does your teenager "suffer from" ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder)? 

Don't get chumped out by expensive book/CD/DVD packages.


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laura hedlund said...

I appreciate your post. I was so grateful that I found marshall rosenberg work on non-violent parenting! books cost $5 to $20