Tuesday, January 6, 2015

SEO and title tags for competitive business advantage

How I suddenly realized I had to fix my own blog's title tag. (A true and embarrassing story.)

As an SEO specialist, I'm always learning. I just recently started blogging heavily about SEO on my Pluperfecter blog. I want to prove the theory that this will help my Google search results page rankings over time.

My tighter focus on SEO topics for my blog started just a month or so ago, and already, when I search "seo peoria il", my blog is appearing at #21, the first item on page 3.

Here is what appears on the Google search results page (a recent post -- note that it is not just any SEO post, but is specifically my post on SEO for Peoria IL area businesses).


SEO for Peoria, IL Area Businesses - Pluperfecter
Dec 8, 2014 - When you need SEO services for your website, you know your goal is to drive more ... My clients are primarily local, in the Peoria, IL area.


That's pretty darn good considering all the web design shops who claim to be doing SEO, and the ferocious competition in the SEO field. I'm waging competitive SEO war against other SEO warriors. This should get interesting quick.

My blog also appears as the next result, #22, the second item on page 3.


Pluperfecter: internet marketing, SEO, web usability, web ...
3 days ago - Why You Must Go FAR Beyond Resumes and Cover Letters in Today's Job Market. Resumes, cover letters and interviews are often ...


But then I noticed that my title tag "Pluperfecter: internet marketing, SEO, web usability, web..." [truncated by Google] did not have my name in it. Huge mistake that I'm sorry to admit I just now realized. I hastened to update my blog's title tag.

It will take a little while for Google to catch up to this change I made, but when it takes effect, people will see this title tag (shorter, to avoid truncating) on search results page:

Pluperfecter: Steven Streight on SEO and internet marketing - Peoria, IL

It's about time I took some of my own medicine that I dish out to clients.


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