Thursday, January 22, 2015

Goodwill Big Foot message and SEO content diversity

And our Employee of the Month, a Mr. John Yeti, is eager to serve you. To his family for dinner.

Love this image. I bought 3 really great books at Goodwill Industries of Central Illinois on Pioneer Parkway today.

But what is going on in this image posted on Facebook recently?

This is a corporate message using a cartoon of a fabled creature, Big Foot, to grab attention.

This is also a nuanced motivational poster. It's communicating:

"We Goodwill employees are tough. We have the endurance and stamina of a Big Foot or Sasquatch. We can trudge through blizzards and ice tsunamis to get to work. That's how customer-centric we are."

This is a good example also of an SEO factor called Content Diversity.

You gain SEO advantages, for driving more qualified customer traffic to your website, when you provide continuous content updates in varied formats and purposes.

Don't focus entirely on sales hype, grinding out relentless offers, discounts, event invitations, we-oriented fluff, or generic persuasive communications. Joke. Divulge eccentricities. Discuss interesting aspects of corporate history. 

Share your expertise. Speak to typical customer problems, questions, and interests.

Use creative ways to get a message, like "All Locations Are Open," to your target audience and fans.

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