Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ecommerce Tip for Increased Sales - Promote Solutions, Not Products

Want to improve your ecommerce website and get more sales?
Forget about sales. Focus on solutions.
Realize you are NOT selling products.
You are providing solutions to problems.
Businesses in the Peoria, IL area need to know that SEO looks at your overall marketing strategy. To really gain a strong competitive advantage, try orienting all your marketing toward customer needs, rather than product inventories.
Say that with me right now: "I'm NOT selling products. I'm providing solutions."
This means you need to figure out what problems your customers are having, and then figure out how to most effectively talk about how your products solve those problems.
Dump that stupid sales mentality and focus on being helpful, informative, and educational. Solving, not selling. This is the key.
You'll sell a LOT more product when you switch to a SOLUTIONS mindset.
EXAMPLE: Don't say "We've got wonderful coconut milk soaps. Buy some now." Rather, explain "Get these 12 skin health benefits from our fragrant, creamy, coconut milk soaps." and go on to describe the superiority of your products FROM THE CUSTOMER'S POINT OF VIEW.
Describe how luxurious it is to bathe or shower with these beautiful, aromatherapeutic, bars of cleansing, moisturizing, skin rejuvenating soaps. Use an engaging narrative about how you'll be pampering yourself with these products. Then follow that with bullet points that give details backing up your claims.
Quit trying to push products on people. Stop just listing products with minimal specifications. Never again think you can just tell people what you've got or what you do.
Instead, educate, inform, enlighten, define, describe, compare, contrast, and clarify.
This is beneficial both psychologically and for SEO value.
Google will not send people to your ecommerce site because you list a bunch of stuff for sale. Google will send people to you ONLY if you provide answers to customer questions.
90% of SEO nowadays, since the new Google Hummingbird semantic search engine was implemented, is CONTENT. Rich, relevant, frequent, original, unique, well-written, informative, FAQ format content.
Grind out content in the form of new webpages with keyword themes, constant updates to the News page, and blog posts embedded in, or linked to, your website.

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