Monday, February 9, 2015

Your website needs to keep pace with customer questions

Do you have a website that explains what your business is and what you're selling? No wonder you're failing.

Your website must do far more than just tell people who you are and what you do. It must answer questions that customers have about their problem, needs, and interests. An FAQ type format is ideal.

Customers don't care about you or your company or your products. They care about solving a problem or enhancing a lifestyle. Your website must be a fantastic source of well-written information that customers are seeking.

For example, if you're a hospital or health care business, is your website just blabbering about your facilities and how "patient-oriented" you are?

Or do you have a process for developing new webpages on hot topics in the medical realm? Is your website keeping pace with news items in the health field?

Does your hospital website contain definitions of medical terms and answers to questions people have about acid reflux, mammograms, vaccines, boosting the immune system, measles, Ebola, childhood obesity, lyme disease, food allergies, weight loss?

Does your website have enough original, relevant information to make Google rank it high in search results for various questions people have?

A static "finished" website is a thing of the past. Google considers a website with stale content that is never updated, to be outdated, perhaps even irrelevant. and of poor value to people who seek the latest information.

You need to be grinding out fresh, unique content constantly.

You can do that with new webpages, your News page, and your blog that is embedded or linked to your website.

If you're not committed to continually improving your website, Google is going to start ignoring it and your competitors are going to take advantage of your vulnerability.

Web content development is one of the major keys to having a website that is productive, that actually results in sales and customer loyalty.

What is the ROI on your website? Are you using Google Analytics to track conversions? Do you have an exclusive phone number that is used ONLY on your website, so you can tell how effective it is?

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