Tuesday, November 28, 2017

On Page SEO Improves Text Content

If there was one basic fundamental guide to empowering a website with SEO, without diving into HTML code, what would it be?

"Is this website answering all the questions that customers typically ask, or could conceivably ask?"

This "on page SEO" (Search Engine Optimization) focuses on enhancing your website's content, making sure that it's based on customer needs and questions. Think about that for a moment.

Does your website provide well-written text that (1) identifies the customer problem, in their language (not corporate talk) and (2) explains in interesting detail how your product solves that problem, from every possible angle and niche interest?

FAQ style question and answer format is something from Web 1.0 that everybody understands. It's the preferred SEO way to present website content.

It's in line with how customers do internet searches for information about problems, solutions, and products that provide these solutions. FAQ info pleases search engines and they'll more likely send customers to your website because of its relevance.

Rather than tell a bland story about quality products, low prices, and great service (like everybody else is shouting) -- your website should contain expert responses, in friendly language, to customer fears, desires, and confusions.

Which means you've got to know your customers better than your competitors do, and thus can talk to them more effectively.

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