Monday, November 27, 2017

Test Your Website for SEO - and attract more customers

Test Your Website's SEO

Does your website need SEO? How can you tell?

Search engine optimization empowers your website to attract customers.

Many websites have no SEO implemented, or poorly implemented, so the websites just sit there on the web, accomplishing nothing.

Your visibility as a business includes search engine results page ranking. How well is your website doing when customers do Google searches on keywords related to your business?

Simple Test to Check Your Website SEO:

(1) Enter into Google some key words that pertain to your business.

For example, if you're a dentist, you'd want to enter such phrases as dental implants, teeth whitening, family dentist, affordable dental work, pain free dentist, dentures, tooth extraction, wisdom teeth, baby teeth, teeth grinding, mouth guards, etc.

These are typical terms that people use in Google search when they're looking for answers, services, or products to solve a problem.

Thus, your website needs a good amount of text defining and explaining these terms. Google will look for the best match of website content that's relevant to such topics. If you have nothing, or perhaps just a sentence or two, in your website on a specific issue, your website needs more content.

(2) For each keyword or phrase, look at the search results. Does your website appear in the first few pages? Does it appear at all?

Done. You now know how much SEO power your website has. If people can't find your website when doing internet searches, your business is in serious trouble.

See those business that are appearing on the first 3 pages of Google? Those are your competitors -- and they're using SEO to steal customers away from you.

Rank Higher in Search Results

There are many SEO factors involved in how highly a website ranks in search results.

HTML page titles, meta descriptions, H tag headers, robots protocols, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) validation, Schema dot org code are some of the website code structure that needs to be correct.

If a website has longevity, it's been online for many years, Google will tend to favor it. When other reputable, prestigious, helpful websites link to yours, that's going to boost your rankings in search results.

In addition, SEO is impacted by various aspects of content, including such things as:

nice visual appearance, well written text using naturally occurring keywords, FAQ style answers to common questions, product comparison guide, strong calls to action on every page, captions under photos, interesting About page, and proper use of headlines and subheads.


CONTACT ME for SEO help.

If your website is failing in SEO, not showing up in search results, and not generating sales for your business, let's talk about it.

I've provided Google-compliant, ROI oriented SEO and social media marketing for local banks, hospitals, manufacturers, agriculture, accounting firms, law offices, dentists, grocery stores, tourism, historical organizations, chambers of commerce, and many other types of business.

There could be some very simple, quick, and affordable ways to fix what's wrong and get your business back on track for strong competitive advantages that rival firms won't be able to copy.

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