Friday, July 11, 2008

Playboy seeks hot blogger for sexist BS

Nice to see Playboy remains a bastion for vulgar, perverted, worthless sexist garbage. Now they're looking for the "hottest" she-blogger to exploit and treat like a piece of meat.

They want the she-blogger to pose for Playboy. Not sure why they don't just pick any random MySpace blogger. Oh, I forgot. Many of the MySpace sexy profile photos are fake. How stupid of me to forget that!

I'm only linking to this to show how sickening some elements of our society are, not to approve such patriarchal crap.

Women are not disposable instruments of sleazy enjoyment, they're our sisters and the mothers of our children.

If you treat women like sex objects, merely means for your selfish pleasure, don't coming crying to me when they treat you like a chump and cheat on you with your best buddy. LOL

"Who's the hottest weblogger?" [Notice old fashioned term "weblogger". Luddites!]

[Photo above: Brigitte Dale of PopCrunch]

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