Thursday, July 31, 2008

blog content priority

Here, in order of priority and importance, are the content objects that are required if a blog is to be effective and successful.

(1) domain name

(2) title tags (e.g., Pluperfecter: web usability, Web 2.0, social media, online marketing, Peoria, IL)

(3) title (relevant, memorable, unique, personal)

(4) tagline (slogan, intro, e.g., "Join us as we explore best practi...")

(5) About / Bio page

(6) comment field (user generated content) and Recent Comments sidebar widget

(7) posts

(8) Contact page

(9) media room (e.g., Sources Quoting Steven Streight)

(10) Archives / Recent Posts

(11) RSS feed icon

(12) Links to your other blogs, social networks, marketing sites, ecommerce sites, and other web presences.

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