Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Texas Congressman John Culberson on Twitter and Qik

Here's a good example for all CEOs, leaders, and politicians.

Texas Congressman John Culberson is using Twitter and Qik, two of the emerging web technologies of Web 2.0 and social media.

He's boldly blazing a new path, taking risks, and experimenting. And explaining as he goes along. "I've always loved technology, it's always been fun." You can tell he has genuine passion for social media. He is a true pioneer who both enlightens and inspires.

Congressman Culberson admires Thomas Jefferson and limited government, as I also do. His Twitter address is:

Imagine how vital Twitter and Qik could be as emergency communication channels during a terrorist attack or natural disaster, especially if cable TV news channels are rendered inoperative?

John Culberson on Fox TV re Twitter and Qik. "My Qik viewers and I interview Fox News live on Qik while they interview me outside the House chamber"

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