Friday, July 18, 2008

Information Flow Manifesto

(1) Information must flow in new ways in your organization. You must not resist it. You submit to the flow and grow. Blog to extranet.

(2) A blog is the front door to the New Organization. You need integration of all social media tools into ecommerce site, intranet, extranet.

(3) Advanced forms of social media marketing implement user/customer/fan input to transform & redefine your culture, goals, products, service, research, innovation, investors, and suppliers. The closer you move, in the totality of your organization and not in delegated peripherals, to the customer, the faster you'll reach your business goals. All employees are Customer Service, and the better the product, the less need for service. The best product is auto-correcting. Your organization needs to imitate the product: be a problem solver focused on user goals, not optimum plundering. Success is founded increasingly on user-centric insights. This evolutionary, transformative process mandates smooth and complete information flow.

(4) We have now evolved from Corporate Control Messaging to User Empowered Networking. Users define your products and mission, customers define the communication channels and technology they are responding to, not you.

(5) Machines came between us, then we communicated through the machines. The machines who created us and new worlds for us are learning about us, adjusting to us, as we beta test, self-reveal, and submit to surveillance.

(6) The impersonal can never outperform the personal. We are connecting, communicating, collaborating on new realities, de-installing what was there before. We have weaponized transparency, democracy, and metaphysicality.

(7)Global conversations AND collaborations are entirely new creations of the technological imperative, and are guided by tumult, technocracy, and transformation.

(8) Conversations are not enough. They must lead to action on and offline. Online social media interactions gradually turn us into New Communicators.

(9) Talking results in listening, listening results in understanding, understanding results in acting, action results in accomplishment.

(10) We are swept away, in theory and practice, by the convergence of forces causing unprecedented upheavings of outmoded domination systems & false marketing ideologies.

(11) We guard the geyser. Share-altruism overpowers miser-pessimism. The freeing of information is the inevitable product of inter-linked communication channels, controlled by consensus, not leadership.

(12) Advertising is dead. Long live peer-to-peer recommendation networks.

(13) All the powers of persuausion are granted to citizen tribunals composed of democratically defined values. Their megaphones are blogs, Twitter, and other social media applications.

(14) There is no product that is not beholden to the commands of the customer, for all commodities and services are ultimately caused by user dreams, which are the generative information all else is built and expanded upon.

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