Tuesday, January 13, 2009

11 revolutionary blog definitions

"to blog" = Your avatared life of re-moldings per socnet intermingling of post-tronic mindwaves, a non-arguable dismixing of focus blobs.

"social networking" = compu-telepathic inscribing of one mind within the dark interior of another mind via digital personality squaloring.

"blog post" = lengthy exercise in prolix transparency expressed in random thoughts vividly transposed to the web by a person who can't write.

"blog scorching" = to furiously, with black smoke shooting out your ears, use admin privilege to delete all your posts from another blog.

"anti-blog blogging" (Amanda Chapeling) = using a blog & Twitter account to express misanthropic fascist rage at blogospheric triumphalism.

"blogospheric triumphalism" = brashly trumpeting the rise of individual unedited voice embodied in the blog revolution of easy web content.

"blogocombat" = sincere debate with others, via blog comments and Twitter messages, that while remaining passionate and intense, seeks self expression and testing an opinion in conflict with its opposite, but does not seek to harm or disgrace another person.

"Twitter" = the art of expressing self, communicating ideas, sharing links, and verbally interacting with others in sporadic bursts of knee-jerk micro-content (140 character limit per message).

"social network" = online association of users of a social enabling software as an oasis of pure and sincere sharing and friendly communication, mercifully free from the invasive interuptive exploits of commercial advertising messages.

"social netiquette" = consenus, generally universal, but often unspoken, rudimentary rules for online behavior within the confines of a social network.

"social media marketing" =

(1.) worst sense: exploiting a social network by pretending to be a typical non-commercial user, or by using the socnet for selfish purposes, e.g., constant hypeing of products or repetitious linking to a business blog or ecommerce site.

(2.) best sense: becoming one with the social network by contributing altruistic content, links to unassociated sites, and personal feelings and opinions, thus gaining credibility and popularity, then occasionally promoting a product or blog post that is of real benefit and relevance to some members of the social network.

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