Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Proust in a Field pleases some

Proust in a Field of Plastic Flowers is the new musical project from my media lab.

Proust in a Field of Plastic Flowers blends exotic instrumentation and fragmented techno beats with deconstructed ambient flowings through decoupaged tapestries of coincidental sound elaborations.

It is the music/non-music stylings of Maximalist Abstractionism.

Some have not flinched at the extreme dreamy opacity of it all...

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MySpace Music COMMENTS]

Thanks for the connection and happy that Artforum proved to be such a successful location point :-)

Best wishes


www. scannerdot. com

-- Robin Rimbaud / Scanner

in a crazy world of despair it is such a pleasure to find such a oasis of abstractness indeed is another world to be visited and with our magic carpet it is a pleasure to visit yours .. marvelous stuff ...sending you much inspiration and respect

cheers !

-- Magna-Fi

I really like your scapes. Incredibly trippy and beautiful.


More experimental you die.

-- Hubert Michel

I like your moniker that reminds me of that little piece of silicon madeleine cookie which I used to digest on Sunday mornings at Combray

-- Philippe Petit

ahh Proust...I am never far from your page these days :D
hope you are well and happy and keeping up the creativity :D
just dropping by to wish you love, peace and luck in 2009!
if the moment takes you there, then stop by my page and have a musica is available for your sonic experience...and a large saucer of cream awaits you...


-- Catnip & Claws

find flowers blooming blindingly plastic or otherwise...

-- Singing Masks

Interesting musical project.
Good luck with everything.

-- Ricardo de Armas

An opportunity to visit some of the more complex sonic societies... your player contains some rather extreme wonderlands, but to be a stranger here is certainly enjoyable.

-- Placement

love the soundscapes, i actually find it very likeable but i am an aural pervert!
to stoned to read all the biog (or does that help?) but sure i will have weird dreams tonight...


its as if you were indeed proust in a plastic field of flowers, but with pyschic goggles and magna-radar-vision teleporting into my musical invention room and you just knew I was indeed making sound formations!!!

Lovely things a-going on here...much love and luck in 2009

Peace and huge wild sprigs of catnip...:D

please visit again soon...x

-- Catnip & Claws

Nice to meet you.

Nice music!

-- Claudio Gabriele

very cool! I like! lots happening on this trip!

-- World Ambient Symphony

Lovely stuff...thanks for the add.

...keep on pulsating...

-- Deuteronomy Jones

very good and inventive sounds.

-- Farang


thanks for finding and kind interest -

impressive sounds and music - respect!

"Indessen verschwindet die Fee, je mehr wir mit der wirklichen Person, der jener Name entspricht, in Berührung kommen, denn nun fängt er diese selbst widerzuspiegeln an, sie aber hat nichts mehr von der Fee; die Fee kann wieder erstehen, wenn wir zu der Person Abstand gewonnen haben; bleiben wir ihr aber nahe, so stirbt endgültig die Fee,..."

(Die Welt der Guermantes I)

Best greetings and wishes for the new year 2009

from Hamburg


-- Ongaku-hh

Happy new year.
the surrealistics sound are connecting us.
Greetings from Madrid.

-- La Familia Ativica

i want yr records,make some cd's ,very "deep" music

--Freeman Gheenga

Really cool music here =D Original and creative... Like it a lot.
Welcome in the Kingdom of Dreams,
♫ Evi & Umi ♪

-- Not From This World

Wouaaa THANKS!!!

I saw your other projects (is that right, the four icons on the top list?)... I will come back soon to listen to all that.

Evi... with Umi

--Not From This World

You have great music here.."REALY"...

-- Ambient Fabric

I listened to this for 18 minutes. ♥

-- The Lisps

i really like your sonic patchwork.

-- A Quiet Monday

You are interesting! Very happy 2009 to you!

-- Pieter Burger

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