Monday, January 5, 2009

new business cards

I'm going to get some new business cards printed. My problem is what to call myself.

I'm first and foremost a writer. But I'm doing 90% of my writing online, with sporadic brochures, press releases, and other offline marketing projects. So my title(s) must revolve around writing, the web, and marketing. I'm also a long time blogger. And I've been focusing mainly, recently, on music marketing, but I don't want to limit myself to that niche.

On LinkedIn and other professional networking sites, I seem to have noticed a lot of colleagues using the phrase Internet Professional. This seems pretty good, but a bit vague. Many of them are established, well known experts. I need to spin off that phrase into more specific wording.

I sent a DM (direct, ie private, message) to some Twitter pals to ask their advice. The response was swift and helpful. Their kind replies sparked my brain quite handsomely.

I've decided to call myself this:

Steven E. Streight

Internet Marketing Specialist
Web Content Writer
Blog Strategist

I'm going to do some research and create a blog post called something like "Business Cards for Internet Pros: Titles Being Used". Let me know what you put on your business cards, and I'll include you and link to your blog.

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