Sunday, March 22, 2009

some Twitter tools for microbloggers

Maximize your Twitter wafflings with these sleek ultra-modern digital gizmos.

You've been wishing you had more control over your Twitter experience. You want to search Twitter for all mentions of "Cheney torture chamber", "Obama birth certificate", or "easy internet marketing miracle".

Well, now you can do all this, and very much more! A UFO crashed just a quarter mile away from the Twitter Developer Lounge, and the Twitter geeks reverse-engineered some haptic immersive hadron collider cubes. The results were duplicated nowhere else in the universe: a tangled mess of Twitter Improvement Modules. Now you, lucky reader, can conquer with the might of a True Twitter Ninja!

These Web 2.0 thingamajigs are exactly what you need and can't live without. No hardcore micro-blogger should be unashamed to lack these essential Twitter gadgets. Get ready for astonishment and super high're about to meet the Supplemental Twitter Super Powers!

Step it up Twitter addict: your status update arsenal is wretchedly impoverished when missing these powerful whatchmacallits. Don't wait for some self-proclaimed Social Media Specialist to tell you what to do, and charge you a lot of money.

Try these alien-technology Twitter gimmicks today!

Twitter Fan Wiki

Start here if you're new to Twitter, or want to learn more before diving into the rushing river of brevities.


Track specific Twitter topic threads, or tweet conversations. Just enter the URL of the tweet whose replies you wish to research.


Twitter music sharing application. (Testing has begun on this app for my music marketing clients.)


Comprehensive data base of Twitter applications. As of this post date, they list over 580 diffferent apps.


When a Twitter user likes some brilliant message ("tweet"), they may get hysterical and wish to recycle it. We call it "retweeting". Some controversy and black eyes have circled around the argument about what symbol to use. I like the standard recyle icon, that triangular arrow flow. Others prefer "RT". This ReTweetRadar enables you to track what's theoretically the cream of the crop of clever Twitter statements, the retweet trends.


A photo sharing app for Twitter users. One of the most popular Twitter tools.


Get email notifications about who quit Following you and which of your tweets pissed them off. Just provide your Twitter username and your email address for the "Guess Who Just Quit Following You?" updates.


Twitter video sharing application.


Human translators render your Twitter messages in other languages.

Who Should I Follow?

Enter the Twitter name of someone you already like. This app then provides you with who that Twitter user is Following. Not sure how valuable this really is. Just because you Follow someone, that doesn't mean you necessarily "recommend" them.


After using Who Should I Follow?, you may decide that some of these folks are way too chatty, too verbose or prolix. This app lets you put certain Twitter users, the overly frequent tweeters, on hold for a spell. You specify the "chill out" time duration.


Not sure what this one does, but it has a roll of toilet paper on it, so it must be pretty good. The toilet paper icon coincides with what they call TooMuchTweet, "you're the one who wanted to Follow me", but I'm scared to use it.

The other app they offer is called HelpWith, where you can track replies to a question or problem you tweet about to the Twitter community.


A lovely app to end this post with, it organizes your Twitter experience in sophisticated control panel.

From the site:

"DestroyTwitter is a robust but compact Twitter application built to run on Mac, Windows, and Linux using Adobe AIR. It consists of a series of canvases that constantly update to keep tweets current and up-to-date using notifications that appear immediately after a new tweet arrives. DestroyTwitter also features complete direct messaging functionality. Messages and tweets can be replied to with the original visible for quick and easy reference. A search function is also available to track anything that's being talked about."

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