Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blogging is Devotion

Blogging takes discipline. A unique mentality.

You must have a strong need to share what you know. You have some expertise or viewpoint or insights. If you blog for traffic, you're in a popularity contest with superficial criteria. If lack of comments causes you to question if you should keep blogging, you don't get it.

You blog because you must express or push something. You blog to keep your brain from exploding. Like a monk, the blogger is detached from praise and blame, from cheers and flames. You blog because you're a blogger.

Your passive, non-expressive friends who simply seek to be pleased and entertained, they will not understand your blogging. It wouldn't be comfortable for them to struggle with communicating their passions, if they have any.

You're "different" in the worst possible meaning of that word. Your peers look at you funny. They know you've got posts inside you that demand to be published to the web.

You blog because you have a blog and its need for fresh content is insatiable.

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