Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peoria Blogger Bash August 2010

The Peoria Blogger Bash was again held at
the Fieldhouse restaurant in CampusTown.
I had my standard Cajun Burger
with homemade potato chips.

Peoria Anti Pundit aka Emtronic
demonstrates his Android browser's
capabilities to C.J. Summers of
The Peoria Chronicle.

Peoria electoral politics and many other
arcane and mysterious topics
were vigorously discussed.

(We generally avoid
debating national politics.)

My job as photo journalist
is not as easy as it may look.
For this shot, I stood on a chair.

That's Billy Dennis aka Peoria Pundit
in the foreground on the right,
leaning back and
grinning knowingly.

Peoria Councilman
Gary V. Sandberg
arrives with "Block the Bonds"
petitions in hand.

Peoria Councilman
Gary V. Sandberg

Deirdre "DK" Hirner
who is running for US Congress
in Illinois' 18th District.

Sheldon Schafer
also is running for US Congress
in the Illinois 18th District
as the Green Party candidate.

We came. We saw. We ate.
In between bites and gulps,
we talked and laughed.

Was anyone paying any attention
to the ball game?

Perhaps a little bit, sporadically.

Sophie enjoys the Peoria blogger
socializing and the Fieldhouse food.

Shall we quit our jobs
and move all our blogs
to TellPeoria?

Wait and see.

Steven E. Streight
Vaspers the Grate

I'd like to point out that C.J. Summers
got two slabs of tenderloin,
one is bunned and being eaten
whilst the other slab sits there
in the basket by the fries,

I was tempted to swipe it
while he was off talking to somebody,
but I exercised astonishing
self-restraint and declined to do so.

Tenderloins were on sale tonight:
just $5.00.

And he got two slabs!

Vaspers distributes print-outs
of his latest blog post
"12 Common Blog Mistakes"
to the distinguished company.

This was the "special treat"
he promised to share tonight.

Well, at least he didn't try to
inflict any of his Str8 Sounds
techno music CDs on them!

Vaspers tries to put his arm around
Peoria Pundit, but his frozen shoulder
made it too painful to accomplish.

Peoria Anti Pundit (left)
Peoria Pundit (right)
discuss what it means
to be a blogger in Peoria, IL

C.J. Summers of The Peoria Chronicle
and Vaspers holding a bag of post print-outs.

Peoria Blogger Bashes
are fun and enlightening.

If you're a Peoria area blogger,
be sure to attend these events
and meet the local social media
warriors who are trying to make a
difference in Central Illinois.

Putting the "city"
back into diversity.

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Anonymous said...

Next time I wear a hat!!! the bald spot shows up to well on film.

Eye in the Sky

Billy Dennis said...

Best. Blog commenting rules. EVAR.