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Public Records uses social media for product research

Evolution of Recent
Electronic Music
in 3 Phases:

On June 4, 2010, Public Records announced a partnership with Loopmasters. It was on the Loopmasters site that I saw the news item. In the Public Records music site, electronic musicians, most of them now composing in loops and samples, submit songs for user review.

Fans and fellow musicians vote on the best new songs posted on Public Records, which is a form of product research online. They're using this social networking interaction method to help decide which aspiring artists are worthy of signing to the Public Records label.

A smart move would be to make this Upload | Vote | Release (classic 3 step action set of social media) an ongoing process, in preparation for upcoming label releases, but also to keep the social media interaction fire alive.

Public Records Introduction by PublicRecords

Marketing strategy certainly comes from the bottom up, not the top down. By getting users of the music site to participate, there will be more user buzz generated, and the label gets free access to customer insight.

When products are based on real user needs, with creative presentation and fun participation, they're more likely to succeed and be imitated, which sets off another set of problems, that can again be solved by obtaining user input and predicting future behaviors.

Here are the WAV audio files of my Str8 Sounds techno music that I submitted, via SoundCloud audio hosting, to Public Records.

Circus Balloon Revolution by str8sounds

Harmonic Clarity by str8sounds

Music Radar: Computer Music Magazine offers a DVD of 2 GB of free acidized loops and samples, plus much else, every month.


Public Records set up for the specific purpose of providing talented and undiscovered artists with an effective platform to launch their careers.

The site makes use of social media tools so that user votes and feedback are easily and seamlessly spread across the web, promoting your music to an untapped audience during the voting stage. Even if your submitted tracks aren’t ultimately signed we will help spread your music across social networks and draw new attention to your music, increasing your profile.

If you are signed with us, we’ll PR your music and make use of our list of key partnerships to get your music out there. Our artist agreement is simple and easy to understand, and we only look for your commitment on a track-by-track basis. We are here to act a launch pad to move on to other labels if you choose – think of us as a starting point to big things for you.

The label is open to all styles of music with an electronic influence and our first EP will be an eclectic mix, so whatever your flavour we’re here to listen!

Our submission phase officially launches today (June 4th 2010) and we’ll be accepting tracks until July 4th.

From July 11 to August 11 we’ll post our short-listed tracks on for public comments and voting.

Shortly after the voting period ends, we’ll offer the five most highly rated track producers the option to release with us! We plan on releasing at least one EP every quarter.

For full details of the submission, voting and release process you can visit the labels FAQ page.

If you feel it’s time for you music to be heard, why wait? Submit your track now


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