Sunday, September 26, 2010

Recent Str8 Sounds CD cover art

Looking back on some Str8 Sounds CD cover art, I'm reminded that a strong, memorable, relevant image is a good way to promote music.

How often have you been seduced by packaging? How many times did a band NOT live up to the hype, the album graphics, the sense that seemed to be conveyed visually? Have you been disappointed, thinking "This has got to be great!" but it turns out to be a waste of time?

Beyond the music itself, two things strike me forcibly about bands: (1) names (2) packaging. I cruise around the music sites quite a bit. I'm always delighted in the creativity I find in both areas. People keep thinking up funny or weird or appropriate band names, and they keep grinding out interesting promotion art.

All this innovation makes the world a more fun and inspiring place in which to sojourn...

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