Saturday, April 7, 2012

Posting Things On Someone Else's Facebook Wall

Be careful about how often, and what it is, you post on another person's Facebook wall. Inappropriate or unwanted postings can be a sure way to annoy that person -- and may even get yourself Blocked or Unfriended.

A person's Facebook wall is a very personal and private thing. It's where we express ourselves, our thoughts and experiences. To find something on our wall that we did not post can be alarming and even angering in some cases.

It might be considered spam, especially when it is of a persuasive, commercial, political, or religious nature. It's not a good idea to just assume that you can post something you believe in or like to another person's wall.

Instead, if you wish to alert someone to something you think is important and relevant, send them a private Facebook message with a link to that item. That way, if the other person appreciates it and wants to post it on their wall, they can do so. If not, they can ignore it.

Also, if you post something publicly, other people can post it on their wall by simply clicking Share. That also enables them to add some commentary to it.

As a general rule, the only time I post something to someone's Facebook wall is when I have a photo of some relevance to them.

Photos of music bands, for example, are probably going to be appreciated. Fans do this frequently when they saw a band performing and took photos of them. It makes it look like a band has fans who really care about them. And who doesn't like seeing photos of ourselves doing something we're proud of?

Parents may feel perfectly fine about posting photos of their children on grandma's wall.

I recently posted an old photo of my nephew to his Facebook page. I have posted to a restaurant's Facebook wall photos of food I've ordered at that restaurant, along with a brief review of praise. Yesterday, I posted on the Peoria Riverfront Museum's wall a few photos I took in March of the construction of that structure.

You may have your own ideas of what is appropriate to post to someone else's Facebook wall. Just be sure that the other person will not be offended or disturbed.

And don't you be offended if they delete it. It may not mean they consider you a jerk; it may just be that they just don't like anything on their wall that they didn't post themselves.

Remember: if in doubt, send a private Facebook message to the person, with a link to what you thought about posting. That enables the other person to retain control of their own wall, and if they like it, they can post it themselves.

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